Face To Face Simulations

Embracing Change

Apples & Oranges

Did you know finance can be fun?  Try the ultimate business simulation game that makes developing business and financial acumen as easy as comparing apples and oranges!  Participants work in teams to manage the operations of the Apples and Oranges company, facing price cuts, slow-paying customers, cash flow challenges and profitability concerns.  After this simulation, all participants will have the confidence to be able to make better financial decisions in any situation.  The goal is to develop acumen that allows them to think like the owners of an organization and make the connection between their own activities and the financial impact on the company.  The simulation is available in Service, Manufacturing, Retail, or Healthcare modules.  This program can only be presented in a 6-hour format, but can be customized to your organization, including review of your financial statements.

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A 1.5 – 2 day session of Celemi Enterprise™, teams act as companies competing for the same customers in a fierce marketplace. Each participant assumes a management role in Marketing and Sales, Development and Services, Planning and Delivery, Finance and Control. The goal? Earn short-term profit while creating long-term value.

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Decision Base

Competing teams assume the leadership of a company, grow with scarce resources, battle for market leadership, and strive to improve profitability—in good times and bad. Participants lead critical functions such as finance, production, marketing, and corporate intelligence. It’s a customizable and dynamic challenge of analysis, strategy, execution, and navigation to make the right investments at the right time.

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In our ready-made business simulation CELEMI Cayenne™, your team plays the part of another company whose recent project had overruns and unsatisfactory results. They work together to identify the hot buttons and deliver better results.

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Celemi Performance is a .5 to 1 day strategic planning simulation that is the perfect kickoff to an offsite strategy planning session. It can also be combined with strategic planning activities for a robust one day session that can be coupled with additional days of strategy planning specific to your organization.

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In Celemi Tango™, teams of different companies fiercely compete to create short-term profit and long-term value. Participants make fast-paced decisions about planning for optimal capacity utilization, leveraging employees, pleasing clients, and ensuring delivery—all while maintaining cash flow, brand equity, shareholder value and stakeholder satisfaction. Business operations, know-how, and brand are in the spotlight, but bankruptcy, mergers, or headhunters could be waiting behind the scenes!

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Partner Stock

Celemi PartnerStock™ is a competitive and interactive simulation. Participants are grouped into teams, and presented with life-like, inventory related dilemmas and challenges. They have to prioritize their limited resources to handle the challenges. The goal is to optimize inventory levels while managing customer satisfaction and profit. The most successful team wins the competition.

The discussions and decisions within the teams, the competition between the teams, and the debriefs in plenum create a learning environment which is highly engaging, competitive, interactive, and fun. The participants experience a significant peer-to-peer learning, make clear links to their real-life dilemmas, and apply research results and scientific models.

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Virtual Simulations

Celemi Virtual Classroom

There are a variety of Celemi products that can be delivered on a virtual platform. Agile, Finance, Change Management and Cayenne are the options. There is also a Cash Flow Connections add on available.

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The Firm

Participants manage a manufacturing company with international operations. There are up to three market areas and two production areas available.

The simulation integrates a range of concepts from various management related disciplines, including marketing, production, logistics, and financial decision-making. In addition, it links the organization to the wider context of business world and stakeholders.

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Global Challenge

Participants manage a global technology company through technological and market evolution. They operate in three global regions with different customer preferences, growth rates, currencies, taxes, and tariffs. Four different technology generations evolve during the simulation rounds.

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The marketing simulation consists of eight customer segments in two market areas and a maximum of six different smartphone products that can be offered to the markets simultaneously. In order to encourage unique strategy creation and execution, participants start their companies fresh without any operations history.

Participants are provided with a decision making tool that helps them to try and practice with different scenarios as well as analyze the outcomes of their decisions and projections. In addition, the simulation generates a range of reports that will help the teams to analyze and benchmark their own performance against their competitors.

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The simulation is based on running a single convenience store or a multi-store franchise in different demographic areas by each team. Each simulation round corresponds to one quarter of a year and seasonality is an important decision-making factor.

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